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Find Mistake/Solution#

Find Mistake/Solution#

There is a city in 21st century where;

  1. People don’t care about its cleanliness.
  2. They spread garbage carelessly.
  3. They are living around it, smell it, feel it but don’t bother to take part in its eradication.
  4. City has many visitors from nearby small cities and villages. Some are just day time visitor and some have migrated in the ”city”.
  5. There is no traffic signal system in the entire city. There are roughly thousands of under age drivers on its road. There are may be less driving license holders drivers than unlicensed holders.
  6. There are thousands of non silencer/improper silencer vehicles including bikes. City is full of noise pollution.
  7. It looks that citizens of the city don’t want to follow traffic rules and regulations. Noise and air pollution is destroying peaceful life.
    Can you find reason behind this problem and suggest some solution.

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  1. Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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